Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central (NAV) is a cloud and on-premise business application that deliver all-inclusive business management features for midsize and small businesses. It connects all parts of the organization. Operations and insightful aspect from warehouse, project, sales, purchasing, accounting systems add to that collaboration and accessibilities from web, mobile and tablet 

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

It does cover: 

Financial Management: 

  • Operative bookkeeping 
  • Control your fixed assets,  
  • Preform bank reconciliations and collections 
  • Cloud, Mobile application.  

Production and Manufacturing: 

  • Advance production efficiency 
  • Optimize Capacity Requirement.  
  • Manage your capacity requirements planning 

Supply Chain Management: 

  • Enhance Inventory management,  
  • Share and collaborate effectively with customer, vendors and partners. 

Human Resources: 

  • Manage employee records and absences 
  • generate reports and enable employee self-service functions 

Project Management: 

  • Manage project budgets and timelines 
  • Track usage\Actual versus budget 
  • Automate billing function.  

Service Management: 

  • Improve client service 
  •  manage calls and inquiries 
  •  track support tickets 
  • assign resources 
  • manage your assets 


  • State of the art KPI and insightful reports 
  • Business intelligence report and seamless integration (PowerBI).  

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