COVID19 Measures April-June 2019

KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS is proud to support our customers and partners in this difficult time by implementing different measures

  • Social Distancing: we enforce the measure by:
    1. Restricting all on-site visit.
    2. Allow only remote work.
  • Help our customer transition to the new reality of conducting business remotely and accelerating their digitalisations.

To achieve these goals, we are offering these options for our prospect and existing customer during the period April-July 2020.

  1. Accelerated and flat fees migration from Dynamics GP to the core Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.
  2. Apply COVID19 Discount on all new projects and support for the COVID19 period to help our customers and prospect in this difficult period
    1. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC)
    2. Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
    3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

Please Contact-US for further information and stay safe