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Freight vs Landed Cost Dynamics GP

Landed Cost : is all cost (expenses) associated with purchase of Items\Articles\Products that a business may incur  to acquire that product. It could include transport, stocking fees, freights, customs and other charges depending on the industries. The functionality in GP allow to add the cost to the received inventory items […]

Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Landed Cost

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Business Rules in MS CRM 2013

Business Rules in MS CRM 2013 In the 2013 version of MS CRM, Microsoft introduced a very useful tool to non-developers aimed to allow businesses a more hands on approach to customization.  This allows businesses to meet their needs while gaining more productivity.  The following example shows how to calculate […]

MS Dynamics CRM 2013 Welcome Screen Does Not Disappear

MS Dynamics CRM 2013 welcome screen does not disappear after checking it option When you first install MS CRM 2013, you will have this message appearing whenever you open the web browser, the check box “Don’t show me this option again”.  Checking this does not allow you to remove this page from showing up […]