Who is Dynamics 365 Field Service for ?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is appropriate for businesses that deploy technicians and engineers to perform work at customer home or industrial site locations. Plumbing, HVAC and healthcare devices and pipeline installation and work maintenance among other services that could benefit from such platform.

The platform is part of Microsoft ecosystem that help companies solve, optimize services issues, scheduling, capabilities, and automation while allowing it workforce of engineers or technician to have all information and necessary mobile/tablet application to have a reel time data. Within this blog I will highlight when and where Dynamics 365 Field services is used for.

Challenges confronted by Field Service Companies

Field Service companies are confronted with several challenges like any other industries. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field service help alleviate these challenges with a proper implementation. To name few of these challenges, see a list below

  • Customer higher expectations
  • Real Time data for technicians/engineers and headquarters.
  • Right Resources. Right tasks for the right employees.
  • Disparate systems and silo systems
  • Non efficiency between departments.
  • Effective resource management

To Thrive in Field services industry, companies need to meet the higher customer expectation especially for industries must deal with urgent cases.  So, these companies need to optimise their service delivery to be performed on time and right the first time by the right employee or sub-contractor as well as use the companies’ resources to the best based on the skills, experiences, and customer preferences. That what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fields comes to play and assist as platform to plan, automate, and assist these companies.

Dynamics 365 Field Services

Who is Dynamics 365 Field Service for?

Again Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is -suited for service-based companies who perform on site services either home or commercial/services sites. Installations or repairs. In general, any industries that must deal with

Equipment Maintenance

Dynamics 365 Field services is used to plan preventive and corrective maintenance, installation such AC, home and commercial heaters, hospital equipment’s, boilers, Pipeline, Assets…. etc.


Energy, Power, telecom companies can be one of the beneficial as we have some customers that leverage the dynamics 365 platform to dispatch technician and subcontractor and responded adequately to emergencies.


Manufacturing companies could use the platform to manage, maintenance plans, warranties services…etc.

Other industries

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 field services could serve multiple industries… it is designed to increase productivities overall some of the most common roles that could benefit from such a solution are


Dispatchers could benefit from the state of art calendar planning and visualising out of the box as well as prioritize, automate resource planning partially or fully depending on the requirements.

Field Technician / Engineers

Field Technician benefit from real time data and planning capabilities within the phone or tablet application while visiting the customer/ work site.

Inventory managers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service offer the technician the abilities to have access and visibility to all parts, items or equipment needed to perform their work. It does also have standalone inventory management system that allow purchase, returns. As well as integration to your ERP system via out of the box integration if your ERP is Dynamics 365 Business Central.

C-level Management and Managers

The Dynamics 365 platform offer C-level and companies the possibility to have one platform and 360-degree information from accounting system to the field operation technician as needed. Allowing to track all the metrics necessary to improve and

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service

Let highlight in general some of the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service for service industries

Improve first time fix rate

Dynamics 365 Field Service manage in advance work orders or jobs allowing your team to gather all the necessary information of tools, parts, items, equipment, skills, time, and inventory availability to have more accurate and realistic work completion. 

Remote work and access

Dynamics 365 is accessible via desktop or mobile application on smartphones or tablets. This functionality allows users to access and update all information in real-time providing there is an internet connection available. If this is not possible then any information added will be synced with the system as soon as a connection is made.

Customer Self-serve Portal

The self-service and service portal allow automatic of customer information, requests at their convenience. As well as it allows real-time information on technician visit and provide historic customer information which provide real time insight to the customer and your team.


Management, operation, and field technician teams have access to real time data allow to more insights which lead to more efficient way to operate.

Customisable Solution

Microsoft dynamics 365 Field Service platform is fully customisable with workflow enabled it to allow to adapt it easily to your requirements and needs to better serve your company.

If you make it till this section that means you are one of the few up their  that is very interested to the industry and Dynamics 365 Field Service platform, Please see the video below or contact us to  assist or answer your question. we all the time offer one hour consultancy to answer your questions or assist you