in this article, we would like to share with our customer, some of the new pertinent Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Wave 2 Updates that Microsoft release regularly every year.
For this topic, the Dynamics 365 field Service was chosen as we notice a huge adoption.

Customer experiences homepage and Service self Scheduling:

With the integration of Power Portal, a new portal page is added to the dynamics 365 field service  to allow Customer manage their service request and view the past booking.

This is a new to field service to engage the customer to manage their service booking as well as the possibility to map the technician position with “Track my technician”.

Work order Form simplification

For some of our existing customer the form of work order is confusing and does contain a lot of information that they need in their scenarios and requirements or based on the size of your organization. Microsoft address that by adjusting and simplifying some elements of the work order form. for example hiding the price information when it is not needed as well as hiding some fields unless you need them by default like “Date Window Start”

Schedule board enhancements

Microsoft added new features to match the Dynamics Customer services features that will enhance and simplify the previous scheduling dashboard while still you could return the previous functionalities. for instance, It does provide tabs feature to separate regions or specific trades..etc. It also add the possibility to use custom fields in filters and display.

Enhancement to Mobile Apps

D365 Field Service Mobile

Lastly, The update includes performance improvement. adding as well the possibility to add\display custom fields to the bookings or other forms to assist better the technician depending on your requirements. 

Hope this allow you to review a summary of what been included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service for any other topics suggestions or assistance Please don’t hesitate to Contact-us.