In this blog I will explain to non-experienced users what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is and what is used for? Hopefully, it will shed some light to most normal user questions.  

If you are coming from experienced users or consulting experience then you already know the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is platform to manage multiple line of business Sales, Support, Marketing and any other automated business processes like Vendor management, Field service and/or any business processes that you want to automate and gain efficiency for your organization.

Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary

For now, and the upcoming future, or what Your business could achieve with it regardless of the size of your business is  

  1. Single Platform to manage a business in a interconnected way bringing people, processes from the use of office 365 (Excels or forms) to most advanced automated way like bring Microsoft Azure, Iot (Internet of Things) and Linkedin data to the platform. 
  1.  The Use of Build in AI (Artificial Intelligence) which make some suggestion on next best actions for the business based on historical data and prediction which push business to the next level.   
  1. Get rid of all separate department application or excel files shared within your business that halt you from efficiency and growth.  
  1. Connect smoothly with your ERP system either it is Dynamics or another platform.  
Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary

Microsoft Offer several pre-packaged applications they could get implemented quickly and effectively within your organization and that vary based on the quality of partner and their resources. 

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