With the success of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, are we witnessing the beginning of the end of Microsoft Dynamics GP? Is Microsoft Dynamics GP going away? We will provide the answer in this blog.  Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary

This past October (2020), Microsoft released a new updates and features of Dynamics GPSimilar to the last year October 2019, Microsoft Released a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP changing the version name from “Dynamics GP 2018 R2” to a more basic name “Dynamics GP”. With this new release, Microsoft is dropping the version number and announced that Dynamics GP is now moving to the “Modern Lifecycle Policy”. 

With the Modern Lifecycle Policy, Dynamics GP will be supported for a continuous one year. This means that a new release will be available every year, which is consistent with most of the other Microsoft products 

Basically, if you are using the Canadian payroll and upgrade each year at least at December or early January then you will stay current. For Customers who are using Older version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Before October 2019)  

For those who are still on Dynamics GP older version (Before Oct 2019),Please find below some support end dates to keep in mind if you like to keep your product and investment within Microsoft support: 

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 – Mainstream support end date 4/14/2020 

  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 – Mainstream support end date 7/13/2021 

  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 –Mainstream support end date 1/10/2023 

and if you want a product that scale within the new era of digitalization and keep up with your current and futures improvement, we highly recommend moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central  as it has these criteria below 

 Reduced Overhead and Costs 

    • Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton CalgaryLow price per user/per month, hosted financial management system,  
    • Eliminate the costly Upgrades. 
    • Eradicate the server and hardware maintenance
    • No Need for on-site technical team.
  • Reduced Risk :
    • You can upgrade from Dynamics GP to Business Central with all of your GL data intact
    • Never have to worry about data loss or server crashes again. 
  • Business Mobility and Visibility:
    • With Business Central, you gain mobile access, enhanced reporting,
    • Power BI, and cash flow projections. 
  • Time Savings
    • Automation and scheduled reconciliations in Business Central. 
  • Improve operations efficiency:
  • Optimize your supply chain, bar coding, shipping with Business Central 
  • Flat fee standard Migration with our experts in both software.  

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