Looking at the new features within the Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 release wave 2. I decided with KDP “Kaizen Dynamics Partners” Team to highlight some of the new features that we likes and see critical to our customers\clients use of the system. from the application perspectives here, it is a list for the accounting department that ease

General Journal line issues

On the general journal line, you could check lines with error only by selecting “Show Lines with issues” it does provide a good view for the issue on each line within the factbox details.  See image below

Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary

Bank reconciliation improvements

New feature has been added which we saw as critical in casea mistiake has been taken within bank reconciliation and already posted. Is the possibility to cancel the posted bank reconciliation. The feature will be available for preview on December 2020 for public preview.

Write longer item references

Customer and Vendor often use their own numbering and description. The feature of cross reference exist in the past but with this wave 2 release the description is extended to contain more than 30 characters.  Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary

For the administrator: couple features that we liked and are very useful to minimize administrative tasks

Notify users of high-risk changes in selected setup fields

With this feature enabled, the system will notify you when any changes to high-risk configuration within Dynamics 365 Business Central. Track changes sometimes is not enough if changes is affecting business critical configuration that affect the system like bank accounts, company names and so on. These field you could define them as you wish based on what you decide with your client is critical.

Restoring environments to a point in time in the past

Sometimes errors or misconfiguration or any other combinations of mistakes could damage the system to a point with no resolution or hard to fix only by undoing changes one by one.

For all the details please connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 website list full details.

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