In this topics today we will help you gather all information needed about the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) which purposes is to help Project based companies to deliver, track engagements on-timely manner by improving solutions for project pre-sales, estimates, planning, resourcing, delivery, and billing. Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) provides an integrated approach from sales to billing in order to align project tasks and help operations acquire complete vision of project delivery and customer interaction. As well as to be benefit from Microsoft Dynamics Eco System to have all operations centralized and benefit from integration to your Dynamics accounting and financial system. 

Key Benefits  

  • Improve your Project Profits and Revenues Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary
  • Reduce silos Systems 
  • Efficient track, manage, and deliver project-based services 
  •  From Estimate/Quotation, Sale to invoicing and reporting 

Some of the features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field service: 

Save Time and focus on your customers 

Using a centralized and best practice system help you guide your projects and pDynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgaryrovide a value-added service to your end customers. Build and use templates for your own industry/organization.   

Improve resource usage 

Resourcing insight help you optimally schedule the right resource and skills for the jobs\Projects. Ensure that you have the right people with the right skillsets assigned to the right projects through resourcing insights, scheduling, governance, and skills matching. 

Single Scalable Platform 

Make your sales and project execution team collaborate in one platform it easy for your sales and project managers to collaborate on estimates using templates. Avoid working the Old ways separate team on separate silos systems. 

Benefit from Microsoft Project and team integration  

Use communication through Microsoft Teams and use the power of Microsoft project to boost productivity within the team.  


Timesheets Apps 

Mobile time sheet apps help tracks project/Jobs works instantly by the operators and project resources minimizing all administrative and reduce errors on invoicing and billing.  

For pricing  
  • Full Licence in Canada For Microsoft Project Service Automation is $153.60 $/user /Month  
  • Team members exist for only timesheet and other light user tasks  

See Microsoft website for up to date pricing or contact our experts  


If you are still with us till this point of the blog, then we could summarize it all form system point of views as below 

System Features 

  1. Manage Project pre-sales Processes (Opportunities, Marketing…) 
  2. Estimate and Plan Projects.  
  3. Resource scheduling and optimizations.  Dynamics 365 Field Services Dynamics 365 BC GP Canada Alberta Edmonton Calgary
  4. Track approve project tasks and WBS.  
  5. Timesheet Processes and management 
  6. Project Expenses and administration 
  7. Project Planning through Microsoft Project (Capacity, Kanban and Gant Chart..etc) 
  8. Internal Collaboration through the system and teams 
  9. External team collaboration 
  10. Reporting

In top of the build in features we could find other integrated Microsoft tools to help achieve your desired organisation goals.  

Other Microsoft Tools 

    1. Microsoft Teams: to help collaboration internally and externally and remote work.
  1. Microsoft Project: Provide the full project planning and management capability.
  2. Dynamics 365 Field Service to complete the service industry achieves more operationally.
  3.  Microsoft PowerBI
  4.  Microsoft Power Flow, Apps