Microsoft dynamics improve constantly their platform with more benefits to it customers and partners and it is a continuous effort likewise Kaizen Dynamics Partners is striving to achieve better added value for it customers and partners.

Please find below few of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that we opt to share with our customers and partners.

1.     Improve and adjust forecast accuracy

a-     Customize forecast models

Dynamics 365 for Sales has a substantial powerful forecasting features, but one of its current weaknesses is that it lacks the ability to create the more sophisticated forecasting models that many businesses use today without customization. The latest release includes several features that expand the functionality and flexibility of the forecasting feature-set and overcomes some of these obstacles.

With this feature, the native forecast capabilities provide flexible configurations and filtering to support multiple types of forecasting, rollup categories, and measurements.

Forecast-model-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-2020-Update KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS INC

b-     Improve and adjust forecast accuracy

To ensure sales managers can provide leadership with meaningful forecast numbers that they trust, forecasting offers great flexibility. Sales managers are empowered to adjust any of the enabled forecast values.

Forecast-Adjustment-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-2020-Update. KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS INC.


2.     New way to format notes

  • Create rich text notes that provide detail about the case and enable formatting for emphasis and readability.
  • Perform keyword search filter to quickly display matching records.

    Note-Rich-Text-model-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-2020-update. KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS INC

3.    Enhanced activity view

Benefit from Calendar view: Once the Calendar control is added to the Activity entity, see all activities in a visualized calendar view to easily get a clear understanding of daily to-dos .

Navigate activities easily: Simplified process to create a new activity, edit an existing activity, or complete or delete an activity without having to navigate away from the main page.

These improvements offer productive and intuitive ways to manage tasks across the team, offering sellers peace of mind knowing that team tasks are organized, prioritized, and delivered.

Activity-Calendar-View-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-2020-update. KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS INC

4.     Configure Sales Hub from a centralized location


  • Easily discover specific Dynamics 365 Sales feature configuration settings within the Sales Hub application’s App Settings.
Sales-insight-Setup-Microsoft-Dynamics-365-2020-update. KAIZEN DYNAMICS PARTNERS INC

5.     Omnichannel for Customer Service

Omnichannel for Customer Service offers a suite of capabilities that extend the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service to enable organizations to instantly connect and engage with their customers across digital messaging channels.

Integration with several chatting and communication tools like WeChat, WhatsApp, Line and others

Reference: Microsoft Docs

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