We did opt to share some useful new features on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online 2020 Release Wave 1   (NAV or Navision)

1.     Skip empty lines in the financial  Account Schedule report

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Account Structure
Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Account Structure

Balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements are key financial reports for many companies. Easy access to an uncluttered overview of the data in these reports is key to a quick insight into the health of your business.

You can now print these financial reports that are based on account schedules without lines that do not contain data. To do this, choose the Skip Empty lines field on the Account Schedule report request page. See image bellow

2.     Add report links to your navigation menu

Business Central 2019 release wave 2 introduces a new and simple way to quickly reach your favorite content and business tasks. in the past this features was available only for forms and not available for reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Report

3.     View customers’ contact and document info on sales documents

If your sales document includes the customer’s reference information, such as their purchase order number, you can more easily look up the sales document when the customer calls. This way, your response time for the customer’s questions is much shorter. It is essential that this data flows through the sales process from quote to posted invoices.

You can now view the Your Reference and External Document No. fields on sales quotes, orders, invoices, and credit memos. The fields are also included in the related reports.

1.     MICR fonts available in Business Central online

Customers needing to print checks with MICR fonts can now do so in Business Central online.

You could go to the full documentation on the Microsoft reference Microsoft Doc. Please feel free to CONTACT-US for any support or implementation request.