We are very pleased to share some of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP  (Great Plains ) What’s New in Dynamics GP Update 2019.

1-    Long description for payables transaction entries

There is a new option in Payables Setup for very long descriptions up to 200 characters.

The long description displays on the following pages:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Long Description 2020

Transaction Entry


The long description prints on the checks in Payables Check Entry (single invoice) as well as on other Payables Transaction Entry.

2-    Paste from Excel in Dynamics GP Web Client

You can now insert rows from Excel into the General Journal using the Dynamics GP web client.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Paste client 2020

3-    Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation

You can now attach documents in the following windows:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Reconciliation Attach Dynamics Update 2020Bank Deposit Entry

Bank Transaction Entry

Bank Deposit Entry Zoom

Bank Transaction Entry Zoom






4- Employment History Reason for change of  all dates .

The Reason field now captures the reason for the change to an employee’s information when the hire date, adjusted hire date, or last day worked fields are entered or edited in the Employee Maintenance window. The same applies when the HR status is updated on the Employee HR Maintenance window that modifies those dates. The reasons and dates are then saved to the employment history for the employee.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Update 2020


Please Contact-us for any assistance that you may require. For the full list of the new features of October 2019 update , you  could go to Microsoft  Docs link below What New In October 2019 Update