Mail Merge Dynamics 365

How to Enable Mail Merge for an Entity Dynamics 365

Many of the clients use the wonderful functionality of Mail merge which can be enabled from customization. Below steps have to be followed for enabling it.

  • Go to Settings >> Customization and select customization which will lead you to a screen as shown in fig 1. Select Customize the system as shown in fig 1.

Fig 1

  • This will open the solution as shown in fig 2

Fig 2

  • Click on the entities to expand, which will give you all the list of entities as shown in fig 3

Fig 3

  • Click on the entity that you want enable mail merge for. It will open a page, from where you can enable mail merge as shown in fig 4. If it’s already enabled, you cannot disable it.Fig 4
  • Once mail merge is enabled, click on save button on the top left of the page to save the configuration changes and the click on the publish button to publish the customization, as shown in fig 5.

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