What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2018

Please find Below some of the New features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision) 2018

Greater integration with business applications – Dynamics NAV 2018 can be integrated with Office 365 and other business applications. This will provide users with a comprehensive set of business tools with the familiar Office interface. For SMBs, this represents a complete business solution.

Improved customization – Dynamics NAV 2018 provides improved capability to support Extensions. This makes it easier to customize the application because all customizations are going to become Dynamics NAV Extensions.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence – Dynamics NAV 2018 incorporates Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to support cognitive services and high levels of automation.

Interaction with Microsoft Flow – Dynamics NAV 2018 interacts with Microsoft Flow. This enables users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services, improving productivity and efficiency.

Workspace personalization – Users can customize their Dynamics NAV 2018 workspace to match their job function and personal preferences. This can improve productivity and user experience.

Data sharing with CRM systems – Users can share data seamlessly between Dynamics NAV 2018 and their CRM (customer relationship management) system. This ensures customer information is consistent across both systems.

REST API extended – Dynamics NAV 2018 has simplified integration of third-party applications and services with a new feature for REST API. The interface provides access to 44 business entities covering core sales and financial information.

Report preview – To speed up reporting, users can now generate and preview content directly in Dynamics NAV 2018.

Improved check printing – Modification of the printing format in Dynamics NAV 2018 allows users to print three checks per page.

Pre-configured Excel reports – Dynamics NAV 2018 incorporates a new option in the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers – preconfigured Excel reports. Users can easily open and review financial statements created in Excel.

Larger EC Sales Lists reports – Users can now submit longer EC Sales List reports with more than 9999 lines.